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We have been breeders of Golden Retrievers for nearly 30 years. We are a conscientious and reputable small breeder in Northern Colorado. Our puppies have been fully vet-checked with their first vaccinations and worming.



"Our goldendoodle is loved by everyone and has the most beautiful coat I’ve ever seen on a doodle. 100% recommend her as a breeder! Easy to work with and is quick to respond to questions. Not only that but she loves every puppy as if she was going to keep them. We have kids and very bad allergies and his coat doesn’t bug us at all. He also sheds very little. It’s never noticeable on black clothes. We looked long and hard for a breeder that met our needs and she was it. She even invited my whole family into her home to help pick the puppy."
–Stephani Axon

"Ollie is now almost 7 months old and is the biggest joy! He has a great temperament, loves to play fetch and gets along great with all family members, dogs and especially my baby nieces and nephews. When we picked Ollie, his name was Valentino. He was super fluffy, and looked like a pure bred golden. He now has the cutest wave to his fur and sure does embrace it! We found Vicki Bell through a Facebook advertisement and she has been amazing from the very beginning! She was very welcoming into her home, had us clean our feet and had a system for picking the puppies that was very respectful. She made sure I had the time I needed to pick a puppy and didn't rush me. In fact, I think that I took a total of two hours to select Mr. Ollie. She gave me a folder with all of the puppy's records, including the information about mom and dad. She even sent him home with his first toy and some food to get me started. Vicki has held two play dates with Ollie's litter and has proven over and over again to go over and beyond for these little ones. You can tell she and her family have big hearts for these puppies and they are nurtured in a great home. Thank you so much Vicki!"
–Calli Brody

"My partner and I brought home Beau from the Feb 2018 litter as our first dog together, and the first dog that either of us had raised from a puppy. Beau (we kept the name) has become an absolute joy in our lives. At 7 months old, he is about 65 lbs and healthy and handsome. We constantly hear that he is the cutest Goldendoodle many people have ever seen, and there are a lot of Goldendoodles running around the front range! He is easily trained using treat-based and positive techniques, and his temperament is sweet, lovey, and goofy. He is the life of the party at daycare and at the dog park, and he plays until he literally can't play anymore! Vicki was so helpful to us during the first few weeks. Beau was a healthy, happy pup, but we were a little bit overwhelmed as he was our first puppy. We emailed back and forth with Vicki a lot over the first few weeks with all sorts of questions, and she was always quick to respond and extremely helpful. She truly cares about her pups, and it really shows. We highly recommend Sweetheart Goldendoodles both for the quality of the dogs, and the care they are given before you bring them home."
–Brittani Cole

"We got a puppy almost a year ago from Sweetheart Goldendoodles. We were so impressed by how much The puppies were loved and cared for by the Bells. We were able to spend time picking out the best fit for our family. The day we brought her home Vicki had her bathed and had even made us a baby book. We were educated on how best to care for our goldendoodle. We kept the name Rain which the Bells had named her. She was born on Earth Day. She has been the perfect dog for our family of 5 with 3 kids ranging in age from 17-4. We love her so much. We constantly get compliments about how beautiful our goldendoodle is and can’t wait to get second goldendoodle from Sweetheart Goldendoodles."
–Tracy Mossman

"I can think of no better way to explain how amazing our puppy is from Sweetheart Goldendoodles than to say that nearly everyone that meets our puppy, immediately is taken by his demeanor and personality.  They promptly follow up with asking where we purchased him.  While I can take some credit for him as we have worked hard in puppy socialization, I know that this comes from the fantastic start he had at Sweetheart Goldendoodles.


They are indeed as great as they seem!  We felt treated with honor and integrity throughout the entire process of selecting our puppy. It is more than a business for them. It is blessing families with a forever fur baby.  I cannot speak highly enough of them.  I know that our puppy will continue to be amazing because of the time and energy they took from day one, ensuring that each puppy would make an amazing member of the family.


I have met some other Sweetheart Goldendoodle owners from previous litters, and they all still say the same thing, their dogs are amazing.  I know of one person who traveled from California because of meeting a friend that had a Sweetheart Goldendoodle, and they wanted one just like that puppy.  They are still happy today and even went out of their way to educate me on home grooming during Covid19. People are willing to travel halfway across the country for one of these sweet puppies.


You will not be disappointed with choosing them over any other breeder.  Consider yourself blessed to have found these ethical breeders; you cannot go wrong with picking one of their pups to become part of your family. If you would like to email me at with any questions or concerns, I will be happy to answer them for you."
–Julie Southern

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