Ellie has come through for us again! In the wee hours of April 22 she delivered another 10 beautiful puppies, 6F and 4M. The sire for this breeding was a poodle by the name of Houston who belongs to a local vet in Fort Collins. He came highly recommended and he did not disappoint. Click here to read more about Houston and Ellie. Because they were born on Earth Day, we went with that theme and gave these puppies "Earthy" names. Three are very dark, two are a bit lighter, and the rest are a medium red, though that could change as they all mature. Seven have some white markings. 

Inquiries should be addressed to sweetheartgoldendoodles@gmail.com. You can find our adoption application here. Thank you so much for your interest.

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Gender: Male • Birth Order: 6 • Status: Adopted


Gender: Male • Birth Order: 7 • Status: Adopted


Gender: Female • Birth Order: 8 • Status: Adopted


Gender: Female • Birth Order: 9 • Status: Adopted


Gender: Female • Birth Order: 10 • Status: Adopted

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